the clean water field survey CHALLENGE

Copyright:  WaterAid/Dieter Telemans

Copyright:  WaterAid/Dieter Telemans

663 million people in the world do not have access to safe water.

(WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) Report 2015 update)

every day volunteers search for water issues in villages and settlements.

Since 1981 wateraid have reached 25 million people with safe water.


Surveying water quality in villages and settlements

Copyright:  WaerAid/ Layton Thompson

Copyright:  WaerAid/ Layton Thompson

Part of the charities work involves volunteers investigating water quality in remote villages and settlements, not just once but regularly to understand the overall level of water access, quality and sanitation. 

This work is vital.  Our volunteers are often local people and members of the community.  Fitting time in for regular and frequent water site testing can be difficult.

Currently this is a manual task with paper and complex forms.  It's not surprising that the field data received is inconsistent and often poor quality.    Missing odd readings and not returning complete data can often mean its hard to get a true picture of the real situation.

The competition!

Work with Northumbrian Waters team of Water Innovators to solve a unique challenge?

Can you help us get better field data from settlements? 

Design a working mobile app for Android which simplifies and provides an incentive for Wateraid volunteer hygiene promoters to record their findings as they work in under developed and remote parts of the world?

The volunteers check water sources, drinking quality, and check for water sanitation, foulness and risk to village communities in Africa.

The application will be used to enable the volunteer team to better report their visits (four per household over the project cycle) and register key trends.


There are £1,000 worth of cash prizes for the winning entries.

  •  £500 overall winner prize
  • £250 best innovation
  • £250 best incentive concept

See your application developed and used in the field!

WaterAid are keen to be able to further develop the application and role it out in operations.  Although not Garaunteed it is hoped the winning application will be in live operations within a few months following the competition.