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ENGIE Chooses +ADD as public sector innovation delivery partner

ENGIE Chooses +ADD as public sector innovation delivery partner

ENGIE are offering 5 local authorities free data driven innovation programmes in 2018

Data driven innovation supports both different thinking in exciting new service delivery models, and development of novel insights for improved decision making in exploring more radical change and scale efficiencies.  

Following attendance at several +ADD open innovation events, ENGIE approached the team to support 'data driven innovation' in the public sector.

Severn Trent Article: Open innovation with +ADD tackling leakage

As part of the event, attendees took part in a design sprint and data hackathon facilitated by innovation consultancy +ADD Strategy.

More than 100 people from 38 organisations joined Severn Trent at the Coventry University Technology Centre to share their ideas as part of the four-day Coventry and Warwickshire Business Festival. Together, they used each other’s expertise to explore new and innovative ways to find leaks for the water company, which serves around 8 million customers in the Midlands and Wales.