...practical business knowledge, digital expertise

''We all strive for growth, but many dont recognise the potential for digital innovation, technology and skills to transform and accelerate business towards its goals'

David has had an incredible career, having developed a highly successful games studio, digital media advertising and post production agency working with Sony, Disney and other global brands on PC, PS2/3, PSP, Wii games and Xbox 360.

From a custom-built facility in Northern England and New Zealand, Davids companies also provided  post-production, audio, video and editing, along with high end computer graphics services for television and film.

In recent times david has been working as head of DigitalCity, a mojor economic development programme aimed at developing the knowledge economy in the North East UK.  The initiative operates a £6.6 million budget and a host of physical capital buildings.

David offers practical board level expertise in enterprise development, business growth and specific agenda's such as company structuring, creative and digital IP management, strategic partnering and contemporary digital business development.

David have true insight in micro and macro level issues facing businesses.

His personal knowledge and connectivity in the digital domain provides substantial benefits to high growth potential enterprise, and larger established business seeking to explore the potential digital strategies can bring to diversification and transformation.
— Paul Sutherland, Senior Associate

Recent commissions:

  • Launching a new digital business overseas (USA) 
  • Establishing team integration in two culturally diverse business services team
  • Establishing a new brand strategy for a reputable liesure sector organisation
  • Supporting several early stage science and technology based ventures



  • Managing complex services
  • Building digital business models and architectures
  • Business innovation using digital skills and technology
  • Sales leadership and business growth strategies
  • Strategic marketing planning/ business growth management
  • Team leadership 
  • ISTC technology media and communications