With you on the Journey

with you on the journey


With you on the Journey

with you on the journey

beyond fresh thinking and new ideas

Our approach is human led and practical.  We look beyond co-creation of new propositions and ideas to consider the impact they will have on your market and competitive position, portfolio and brand. 

CREATING  REAL  solutions

We work with you to consider the functional and operational impact of introducing new value propositions and broader business transformation.

Our approach is practical and applied and our teams have experience indevelopment of new business units, functions and processes. 

We understand how to 'make it happen', and planning for incremental and disruptive change.  We will help you consider best approach and support you on the journey.


Whether seeking efficiency or developing a new opportunity; we aspire to +ADD genuine value. 

We always seek to understand your business and the motivations of those leading strategic change and growth.  All our works are delivered in context and consider relevance to your forward vision and strategy. 

We are practised in building and evidencing businesses cases and demonstrating potential.


Our services

Our services

+ADD What you need...

We are brimming with method, tools and processes....

No wonder, our team is made up of an experienced community of experts in all aspects of innovation, change and transformation. 

BUT we take your lead... we know YOU HAVE GREAT PEOPLE and want to build expertise in your business.

We are here to help...


+ADD creativity

+ADD creativity

Some may have natural tendencies, but we can all be creative…

Creative thinking is the process which some of our associate team use to conceive new ideas. It is the merging of ideas which have not been coalesced before.

This creative thinking process can be accidental or deliberate.  We use a range of proven techniques to stimulate fresh thinking and abductive leaps and reasoning.

Our capability to enable YOUR creativity is core to our offering.  +ADD's unique approach is tailored to every situation. 

Whether seeking to radically reduce energy costs in a process or develop a new proposition for your customers; we work to understand your team and the mission, picking skills, capabilities and method which best suits.



+ADD Sandpits

A great introduction to Agile Innovation...

As an introduction to the value of agile innovation, our sandpits offer a great way to engage.  Our sandpits are particularly effective in promoting an interdisciplinary and engaging approach to both framing and solving complex problems. 

Sandpits are ideal in situations where you have identified a shortfall in expertise within your business or organisation.  The approach stimulates new thinking and innovation, generating ideas and establishing conceptual and early stage solutions FAST.  



We help you engage new communities and stakeholders, generating ideas and establishing conceptual and early stage solutions FAST. Our process establishes a creative environment andproven process for supply chains, and those with latent IP, relevant knowledge and adjacent experience from outside of your team to help you explore ways of working together and to generate early concepts and even crack a major problem. 

If few have a day or even few hours, and a 'hard problem' or an area of opportunity to explore get in touch.

+ADD ideas labs

Enhance and create new propositions with retail/ service channels and customers

Go beyond the focus group!  We work to co-create products and services with those at the coalface and customers.  Tapping into the tacit knowledge and experience of your retail and service delivery partners is a great way to discover a new key point of difference or sales proposition.

Our ideas labs focus on early stage ideation, concept definition and testing.  As such we can enable imaginative conversations with customers building an understanding of perceptions, attitudes, habits as well as co-creating and prioritising concepts.  The process can take 1-2 days and is a great way to prepare for effective design sprints.   Better still, by engaging with your partners you establish endorsement and buy in by default, reducing barriers to adoption and potentially better enabling co-investment.


+ADD design

+ADD design

We are big fans of design led thinking,

applying the designers toolbox to problems and challenges…


+ADD Design Sprints

At +ADD we offer a range of Design Sprint formats.  Our processes offer structured, time-boxed approaches to solving a problem and building new propositions.

The method incorporates theory and practices from story centered design, lean user research, design thinking and rapid software prototyping. Weregularly conduct Design Sprints on wide ranging topics:


Why use design sprints?

The process offers a wide range of benefits cost effectively and with early results.

We can apply different methods dependent on your specific problem or opportunity.  Our specialists use a wide range of proven and experimental tools (The arena is constantly evolving).

Firstly the process avoids investment in the wrong direction and going around in circles.  Our process ensures you gain traction from all stakeholders before moving forward at each stage.

Sprints are pragmatic and generate results without perfect knowledge.  This approach is intensive and stimulates abductive reasoning and creative leaps.

Ideas are formed around customer persona's or beneficieries.  Decisions are made and ideas developed in real time.  Risk is mitigated through concept and prototype validation. 

End results often go way beyond client expectations and impact broader agenda's.



+ADD Hacks (Hackathons)

An exciting and intensive way to solve problems and create novel concepts with everything digital.  The time limit in a hackathon forces participants to distil their visionary concepts down to actionable solutions.

Whether you are drowning in data but have no insight or you want to design a new digital customer experience, hacks are an exciting and engaging way to accelerate your path to success. 

Hackathons are proving grounds for new ideas. They’re especially good tools to stimulate the creative and problem-solving juices of developers.

Unlike their day jobs where risk-taking may be frowned upon, in a hackathon there is a low cost of failure.



On occasion and where it adds value we also provide sprint hack fusion project.  The approach can provide substantial cross fertilisation between two quite different communities.

Watch this video to discover more:


+ADD innovation

+ADD innovation

We help with bringing form and function to your ambitions

for transformation and growth... 


Many feel a systematic approach to innovation is difficult,  yet our team consultants understand how process can be applied to achieve innovation objectives. We focus on establishing a clearly defined, responsive and agile innovation cycle offering your people a clear front end process.  Our approach is recognises you have likely invested in historical systems and collaboratively introduces contemporary processes methods and tools best suited to your culture and situation.

+ADD Road-mapping is a powerful technique we use to help you build forward confidence and on-board different teams in your organisation.  Our road-mapping process provides a practical interface between innovation strategy, specific technology and innovation initiatives and tactical management providing clarity and alignment at all levels, organisation-wide and beyond.


Our work is often 'sponsored' by management enabling us to provide a range of added value support.   As provocateurs, +ADD teams are often tasked with specific projects, but also seek to encourage your internal community to develop their own ideas, conduct experiments, share progress by delivering talks, workshops and skills development programmes on how to 'be' innovative everyday (See +ADD Learning).

We also help senior management build better support processes and to overcome internal barriers such as conflicting procurement systems and lack of clear commercialisation and IP management processes. 

More formally, where there are practical constraints such as lack of internal resource, we can drive transition of specific ideas into formal pilots or funded/ supported developments. 

We seek to encourage connectivity - acting as an animator to enable your organisation to develop its on distributed network inside the organisation and as a boundary spanner to the external enterprise and innovation communities.  


The vast majority of business knowledge is with your people and trapped in tacit form, not best used to support transformation or opportunity discovery and development.  New knowledge flows in constantly too, through processes and routines.

At +ADD we understand that through the application and use of this tacit and new knowledge, innovation can be enhanced in the organisation.  At +ADD we have specialists to understand how to discover knowledge, combine it to best effect.  We are ubiquitous to solutions and suppliers and can advise on how to apply knowledge management techniques and processes to optimise knowledge creation, acquisition, capturing, assembling, sharing, integration, leverage and exploitation in the context of delivering your innovation strategy. 



Innovation systems are only effective if a clear innovation strategy in adopted and process have been mapped in principle.  We offer advise and support in installation, adoption and on-boarding, and even pilot campaign planning in the context of open innovation. 

Following process mapping and development of priorities, systems are specified and introduced:  Here are some examples of systems we have used:

  • Market informatics and gateways
  • Customer profiling
  • Trend monitoring
  • Data visualisation and expression
  • Innovation pipeline dashboards
  • Open innovation and competition forums
  • Culture gamification tools
  • Ideas management systems (Front end)
  • Hackathon management platforms


Every now and again an initiative arises that has the potential to be highly disruptive.  While offering undisputable potential benefits that outweigh risk; consequences of implementation could include substantial role redundancy, changes to processes, systems and even business models.

+ADD can assist by exploring and developing these initiatives offline, enabling progress to validation and affirmation without causing unnecessary organisational stress and uncertainty.


+ADD strategy

+ADD strategy

It’s only natural to us...  focussing on commercial drivers,

and practicalities of making things happen…


Many of our clients are progressing some form of transformation programme; often seeking to enable proactive process rationalisation and cost reduction, to improve the bottom line and enhance offerings simultaneously.

We offer support for specific aspects of transformation process working alongside internal teams. In practical terms this typically involves supporting cross departmental engagement, aspects of innovative culture, and actively progressing response to hard problems and difficult challenges.

Through building close relations with our clients we are sometimes privileged to work ongoing and informally to solve problems, search for new technologies, partners and opportunities as part of our client's innovation community.


The +ADD team is particularly experienced in development of fresh perspective.  We like to start from the beginning and consider what true value your organisation offers and whether this is sustainable.  Challenging principals and business premise can lead to opportunity and new ambition.

Our lead consultancy team has extensive experience in strategic and operational business growth in diverse sectors and scales of business.  We apply this in offering learnings from adjacent markets and scenarios, and exploring best practice elsewhere. 

We provide practical support for understanding and precipitating vision and ambition, as well as building a clear organisational objectives and goals.   Development of key strategies and metrics, full action plans with actions, budgets, timescales and responsibilities is enabled through proven process and methods shared across our specialist community.


Excellence is a consistent, high quality interactive and value rich experience at every touch-point.  It is supported by excellent operational processes and engrained in culture and perceptible attitude of your teams in every department.

Of course, success begins and ends with your people and processes. Our lead consultancy team includes a Times author and MBA lecturer in Excellence, and we have worked with clients to create a strategic approach and clear roadmaps to robust, repeatable and sustainable excellent service. 


+ADD Insight

+ADD Insight

Understanding needs, attitudes, perceptions and behaviours

is essential to creating true value...

+ADD User, stakeholder and Consumer insight

Team members include experienced researchers, including two fellows of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a previous chair of the Northern Research Network (MRS).  user, stakeholder and consumer insight is a core part of our rationale for any initiative regardless of the domain.

Our approach is tailored to specific initiative objectives and goals.  Methods applied are diverse and range from in depth interviews to mobile and QR surveys.  This is influenced by both the stage of the project (concept through to operationalisation or market entry), and the nature of the organisation and industry we are working in.

+ADD ANALYTICS ...going beyond desk research

Often as part of our works we will undertake IP (Intellectual property) landscaping, funded and institutional RTD (Research and Technology Developments), and explore best practice, competitive behaviour and performance.

However the teams capabilities go way beyond desk research and advanced statistical analysis.  Our community includes expertise is data insight and analytics.  We have assisted clients in exploring and integrating customer data for insight and collaborating with specialists we have even built tools to support data aggregation and expression as part of more complex challenges.


+ADD marketing

+ADD marketing

Don’t be led by the market; co-create with your customer

and change…everything


Searching for the right opportunity isn't easy.  We understand that making the right decision early saves time, money and effort.  Our team typically explore market scope, size and dynamics, key factors and trends in demand, market environment, structure and operation in considering ideas and opportunities.

Delving deeper into market segmentation by needs, socio or firmographics, establishing behaviours attitudes and perceptions is also critical in understanding customer types, journeys and persona's.


+ADD FEASIBILITY and case development

Several of our community have extensive experience in supporting organisations establishing business and investment cases for development.  Whether this is justification for a new asset management system, or venture capital to support proof of concept or business growth.  Our team includes a diverse range of experience from healthcare to marine engineering and renewables. 

We often work with internal teams to build business cases and support development of market evidence.  We use our extensive networks to explore and test technical feasibility and have been involved in assessment of medical devices, bank payments technology, formula one innovations through to testing new scale pension system concepts and mobile software platforms.


+ADD learning

+ADD learning

Our clients are colleagues, we work closely together and share

ideas, knowledge, best practice…

Embedding skills and tools

Our philosophy dictates that we seek to build agile innovation and design led thinking skills in your organisation through all engagements.  Our community includes educators, trainers, coaches who work to reinforce 'learning by doing' with formal training programmes designed to embed innovative and enterprising culture.

We energise teams, workplaces and organisations with flexible training initiatives designed to align and integrate with you continuous learning programmes within the organisation.  Bespoke training initiatives often flow from our strategic work.  Examples of training programmes delivered to date include:

  • Innovation auditing
  • Global strategic design
  • Design thinking for team leaders
  • Knowledge management for innovation systems
  • Open innovation and ideas management
  • Selecting winning ideas
  • Selecting problems and intrapreneurship (Degree apprenticeship support)
  • Nurturing creativity in large organisations
  • From ideas to success


Our associates have been involved in a range of learning initiatives focussed on business and enterprise education.  We have also developed our own serious learning platform called Bright Games.

We have developed the platform to enable educators, business and enterprise practitioners to capture knowledge of best practice in thier own games to support sharing, exploration and learning.  Using scenarios and encouring groups and individuals to explore.

create your own Serious learning game

We have developed a serious learning game platform that enables rapid development of online and offline games.

Our system supports scenario based learning in groups in an interactive and fast paced game.  The system is ideal for classrooms and business workshop environments and has been used in a variety of settings:

  • Post 16 science career exploration
  • Marketing ideas:  from concept to test market
  • Exploring latent IP opportunities in a large business

If you have been provided the password, you can play our online demo here:

Fast development:  In fact the game system can be deployed in any scenario in which there is a principal gaol and critical path of activities and decisions which are constrainied by time, money, people and other resources.

Easy to use:  Our games are delivered complete in branded boxes with full support materials and printable files for workshop 

Proven engagement:  Our games have been played by enterprising children, the institute of business advisors, MBA students, and industry specialists from a wide range of industries.


Works well in broader syllabus:   Our games can be easily used delivered as part of broader provision being only 45minutes to 1.30 in duration.  Our online games can be completed in your own time but are not designed to be longitudal unless revisited.  As part of the delivery your scores and approach are saved as a pdf report which can shared directly or exported to third party learning spaces and shared as collaborative or competitive score tables.   

The Bright Games system provides a host of benefits including:

  • Fully tailored game creation for serious learning
  • Rapid game creation and deployment on and offline
  • Unified design for learning game series
  • Integrated hosting options for competitions, schools programmes
  • compatibility with learning platforms, Moocs and labs
  • Development on an open game creation platform (Unity)

Uniquely the platform provides a combined group learning and personal exploration tool offering both a physical and online experience.

  • Support for customisation of action associations to real world contacts and actions
  • Development of real world scenario's, discussion and debate about alternative approaches, strategies and actions
  • Comparative and storable outputs evidencing and justifying alternative approaches
  • The ability to personally explore your own scenario's, ideas and opportunities using the same game online.


Practically speaking, using the Bright Games system,  a new serious learning game can be forged and deployed within 8 weeks and through delivery of two game creation workshops.

For more information please email