Agile and design led innovation is all the rage.  Everyone is 'jumping on the bandwagon and reading the 5 day sprint book and giving it a go.

We admit it - its true ...we harness unbound enthusiasm and commitment to gain real results.  The +ADD team are unashamedly having no less than 'tonnes of fun' running agile and design led hacks, sprints and innovation challenges.  You can see more about this side of our work HERE

We are genuinely passionate about the adoption of new faster quicker and better modes of innovation practice and creating new methods.  Given this the +ADD team also work carefully and with method to deliver practical, impactful solutions and end results. 

We work with diverse teams and communities to discover deep insight, define true missions and co-discover genuine solutions.

Our team is committed to this goal - it is our principle purpose and not a side-line.   We are completely focussed on genuine innovation, solving hard problems and making the right propositions come to life with our clients. 

Our people often co-locate and work from within clients offices for days, weeks, months.  Some clients provide us with team titles and dedicated email addresses.  We are truly part of the team if not the business.

New solutions created through +ADD's work have gone on to be implemented and even win national awards.

We work as innovation partners and present clear roadmaps and work alongside internal teams with resource to see initiatives through conclusion.


Our team includes expertise and practical experience in culture change, transformation and service innovation, strategic marketing and insight, innovation management and commercialisation.



Building foundations on solid ground...genuine insight

Extensive pre-work enables us to define organisational context, commercial objectives, goals and develop practical understanding of barriers to innovation. 

We consider patent landscapes, existing and alternative R&D, other relevant innovation initiatives and competitive activities as part of our early approach.

In preparation for co-creation of new offers; we have recently been helping a client in subsea understand market dynamics and drivers effecting demand for their products.

Peter Chalder Wood, an engineer turned marketer, tech. transfer practitioner has been leading this particular initiative.  The research work alone has included extensive desk research, workshops with technical experts, insights with fleet operators and asset specifiers, data analytics and development of statistical market models.

Dedication and commitment to achieving clients goals on time sometime means working long hours and lots of coffee. 

This kind of work on advanced technology's, complex propositions influenced by 'global to local' factors, changing market structure and complex application drivers requires experience in strategic technology marketing and practical commercial understanding.

In preparation for several recent open innovation programmes we have secured sponsorship, grants and supply chain contributions. 


Our work has seen us building consortia, establishing principle terms for IP governance and enabling collaborative developments.

Unbound enthusiasm and commitment to ideas has its place, it is from experience an essential ingredient. However the recipe is complex, it varies and successful innovation is not simply about the winning idea.

So, if you work in a complex market, and are working to solve hard problems with wining solutions... If you are seeking to co-create market led innovations in complex and rapidly changing markets...

Get in touch with to explore out how we can assist. 

If its after 5, don't worry, ...he's probably still hard at work...