How we choose to work


Avoiding Glamour-vation

At +ADD we do not believe in paying lip service to innovation and seek to go beyond generating ideas to deliver practical solutions into our client businesses and markets.

Recognising value vs market distortion

We are happy to work with public sector bodies and funded institutions and value their work in SME and enterprise support. We will question unethical or misuse of public funds to support corporate works or individuals.

Project and resource definition

Our initiatives require clear linkage between corporate KPI’s, business plans, practical goals and well defined budget allocations prior to commitment of supply chain time and resources.

Responsible co-invention/design/ development

Our mission is to better enable innovation in the private sector - driven through better definition of needs and better briefs.

We always consider and are conscious of the damage to SME’s and enterprise sustainability of misdirected support and small project investment can bring.

Working with procurement

As a commercially focussed practice, it is critical to our works that a cohesive approach is established between innovation, operations and procurement stakeholders within our corporate clients. We will always work to enable tangible and real opportunity.

Paid to create

Our works are driven by complex organisations demands and ambition for savings or better ROI, profit.

As such we require microfirm SME’s participating in our works are rewarded through sponsorship, rewards and contracts.

this is fundamental to the design of all our innovation projects.

Ethical practice

Where there is any potential for conflict of interest, vested interested that may skew design processes or un-purposeful overlap in interests we will require these to be declared as part of our delivery practice.