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Real results

real results


Real results

real results

…Why do so many organisations

#get_involved ?

Hear why several large complex organisations get involved with our innovation programmes and work with our team to accelerate innovation.

Our work has generated new innovations, business cases for investment, collaborations and enabled practical acceleration of solutions development in diverse fields from asset management, to energy and customer facing services.


Engaging customers in major change

Considering ambition and different deployment models for smart meters. The team worked with Diehl Metering to engage 11 water companies in the UK in considering how and who would be involved in major service redevelopments and innovation.

Trained, qualified and supported…

A community of 24 staff at South East Water benefit from an expert support scheme and ‘hands on’ innovation training delivered through +ADD’s unique accredited / certified training programmes.

Teenager wins sponsorship

Innovation competition run by +ADD for Reece Group sees winning teenager secure educational sponsorship

Reducing pollution and flooding

16 solution investment cases, new R&D, 4 new sensor concepts, new datahub and analytics solutions…a new tender

Yorkshire Water have committed millions to realising a visible network in waste. The +ADD team have supported innovative co-design, business case development and now tendering and pre-market testing of realised concepts.


Diverse and fresh thinking applied to energy use on site

Working with a community of experts, academics, operators and contractors to review plant operations, the +ADD team delivered £90,000 in annual energy savings and a further £150,000 in developed capital invested proposals in less than one week. The savings represented over 10% of the annual site bill.


Creating contemporary solutions

Working with leading thinkers in subsea services, +ADD supports thinking on new inspection and maintenance futures.

The team provided comprehensive research, customers insight programme and a concept development sprit programme.

A far more efficient process

New operational plan, trials of new hardware and commitment to intelligent works scheduling.

Award winning data innovation

Engie sponsored project leads to a new job for one winner…and an award winning technology rollout.


Application wins national competition

Project to support community hygiene projects in south America wins the national field app. development challenge.

New service proposition for subsea ROV enterprise

New brand, service design and marketing plans delivered in less than a week with diverse stakeholders

A host of developed applications

+ADD facilitated a design sprint at IF2018 establishing well formed and presented concepts in flood crisis management through to enhanced operational management and new asset construction planning.


Visual heat map

Nebula Labs won a hack sponsored by Northumbrian Water Group, creating a proof-of-concept interactive heat map. The Map combines event and complaint data in visual timeline discovering patterns and associations.


A host of new IP developments

An +ADD programme in consumer product space establishes investment in 4 new RTD projects.


Turning dumb meters into a smart network

+ADD is managing a project to create Europe’s first smart water city for a local authority and one of the most innovative utilities in Europe.

Inspired through an open innovation programme, new software is being developed and pre-market sensors have been rolled out across an entire cities assets.

For more information on any of these successes please contact paul@addstrategy.co.uk


how we help

Accelerating change

how we help

Accelerating change


Needless to say we are delighted to have the opportunity to work on 'hard problems' and 'big opportunities' with great people, teams and brands.  This is just a cross section of our recent works in diverse sectors and industries.