The team at +ADD are delighted to be working with the 'Digital Innovation HUB' to deliver a London Summit for senior management in corporate environments.

About the event:

+ADD will be presenting and facilitating discussion alongside global innovation brands such as SPIGIT, and major corporate innovation speakers from BMW, VOLVO, MasterCard, VISA, VESTAS Wind, BAYER, Thomas Cook, THALES and others.

The speed of digital innovation has completely change the rules of play – we are talking industry convergence, as a service everything, a start-up within a conglomerate, AI eating business models, the opportunities are mind blowing, but so are the risks…

In the digital economy, the forwards looking business strategy is go digital, find new revenue streams, increase current market share, do not be disrupted but disrupt, FAST!

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In January 2018, on the 25th and 26th the digital innovation hub will bring together an exclusive group of executives – key topics include:

Digital Purpose: Transformation & Innovation

Business Model Innovation – Perfect Blend of Technology, People and Service/ Product

Digital Innovation What’s Crippling Progress and Large Deployments?

The Secret of Scale and Mass Deployment of Digital Innovation

Shareholder Value – The Reality of Innovating in the Corporate Environment

Go here to find out more and register.

About the HUB:

Every organization has its own individual culture and how you go about driving innovation is unique to your environment but learning and discussing common challenges such as implementation, change and ROI with other peers will help you achieve your targets, goals and KPIs.

The hub is a unique platform alongside 100 leading and CIO's, Innovation leaders from corporates working in digital innovation and transformation.