The public sector landscape is undergoing a major transition. Energy and efficiency needs are changing, and fundamental operational principles are being challenged.  In a world of ever-increasing customer demands and expectations there is strong demand for more radical innovation to forge leaner, more sustainable organisational frameworks that resolve the hard challenges of delivering improved service delivery performance and experience with substantially less resources. 

Data driven innovation supports both different thinking in exciting new service delivery models, and development of novel insights for improved decision making in exploring more radical change and scale efficiencies.  

Following attendance at several +ADD open innovation events, ENGIE approached the team to support 'data driven innovation' in the public sector.

ENGIE is a leading energy and services group employing 17,000 people in the UK.  They operate buildings and services for UK local government and support digital transformation through expertise in energy, digital technology and infrastructure. ENGIE have developed expertise in data driven innovation and have created new decision-making platforms which are being deployed in public and local services.

Kevin Moat, Head of Digital programmes at ENGIE said

'We chose to work with +ADD as they are experienced in new form agile and design led innovation. I have participated in several of their initiatives and its a great atmosphere and nice to work with clients and competitors in a new way to come up with not just innovative ideas, but business cases for change and transformation.'

The organisations are collaborating together to offer 5 local authorities the opportunity to develop programmes tackling significant problems or opportunities for data driven change.  The work will be underwritten by ENGIE as part of their commitment to support the UK public sector.

What is data-driven innovation?

Data-driven innovation is a key pillar in 21st century growth and encompasses the migration of socio-economic activities to the internet, the declining cost of data collection, storage and processing, as well as generation and use of “big data”.

Large data sets are becoming a core asset in public service and local government management.  Better access to data and more effective use of public-sector information (PSI) promises to create value in a variety of areas, supporting the development of new insights and enabling redesign of processes and services to create significant efficiencies and new benefits for the public.

What’s on offer?

ENGIE are offering 5 local authorities/ public services the opportunity to work with +ADD on fully sponsored innovation projects.  The projects proposed must either generate substantial savings or generate revenue for the public service.  You can register your proposed project here

+ADD will work with the authority to create a tailored project which uses high energy, open and design led innovation processes to support successful idea development and rapid prototyping. The target outputs of the process could include new tangible data insights, as well as new data visualisations and expressions, new service models and business cases for change. 

For more information on the challenges of interest to ENGIE or to arrange a preliminary discussion, please contact 


+ADD work in agile and design led innovation - we are a transformation agency working with large organisations and corporates.  We manage and deliver open innovation - innovation sprints, hackathons and challenges - working in infrastructure, smart cities and digital transformation.  You can see some of our partner clients current innovation challenges here