+ADD have been selected to work with Siemens as delivery partner for on an exciting new programme

The initiative will see the global organisation support exploration and adoption of IoT enabled intelligence solutions in the water sector over the next 2 years.

With the recent advances in sensor, battery, communication, and computing technologies, collecting data from beyond the treatment works gates has never been so cost effective.  

 IoT could offer substantial benefit in a wide range of applications from enhanced visibility for optimising operations, water quality, and asset condition, to near real time network hydrology, environmental response and leakage performance management.

 These advances are timely as the current climate regarding the distribution of water is that of aging infrastructure and tightening regulation - the industry needs to think ‘smarter’ to maintain service. 

 However, there are many challenges around how this new intelligence is practically realised through collection, storage, and analysis. Equally we need to consider how this intelligence can effectively become ‘actionable insight’.

 ‘Only by working together across the supply chain, and in close proximity to end users, can the true value of new technologies be realised to ensure that wholesome water supply to the UK population is sustainable in to the future.’

Dr John Gaffney, Hydro Chemist (Water Quality Analytics) at Siemens

 The initiative offers a novel approach through which industry collaborate to define the challenges.  We then create a call for solution based projects rather than individual technologies.  The approach has been developed by +ADD Strategy an innovation partner agency working in Utilities and infrastructure.

 ‘Our goal is to bring diverse community together to better define priority business cases.  We avoid trying to solve given specifications of need as we often find these are based on ‘how the world has been’, iterative change and thinking can be constrained.  By building broader ‘communities of action’ and applying design thinking we can help our industry and businesses ask and solve better questions.’

 Paul Sutherland, Managing Director of +ADD Strategy

For more information and to get involved go to: https://www.addstrategy.co.uk/siemenschallenge , or contact Peter Chalder Wood on 0191 313 0009