Webinar:  Innovation Showcase – Key Challenges Presenting Innovation Projects (Closed client event)

Webinar: Innovation Showcase – Key Challenges Presenting Innovation Projects (Closed client event)

A chance to learn about the fantastic innovation projects and initiatives taking place at South East Water and to learn about how you can get your own project off the ground.    You will also get the opportunity to meet with and speak to individuals from a range of business and technology support organisations who will be able to advise on support that is available for projects you may be interested in progressing.

All staff are invited to hear about how our existing projects are developing, learn from the project leads about these projects and how they overcame the challenges involved.  The session will also highlight upcoming Innovation Programme activities and sessions.

Is this for me?  This session is for all staff who want to learn about innovative projects being led by their colleagues and to learn how they can take steps to get their own initiatives off the ground.

EDIE:  Future of Heat 2020

EDIE: Future of Heat 2020

national conference centre (map)

We are delighted to be supporting 2020 Future of Heat Conference, as facilitation partner for major event taking place on 26 February 2020 in Birmingham.

We will be asking the question - how can we engage consumers in the need to change domestic heating arrangements and adopt alternatives to gas powered and non fossil fuel heating?

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In March, the former Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a drive to decarbonise future homes built in the UK. The plan focused on banning fossil fuel heating systems in new homes by 2025 as part of an envisioned target to reduce the carbon intensity of new builds by 80%.

This week, the Government has launched a consultation on a new Future Homes Standard (FHS) that will be introduced in 2025 to create “world-leading energy efficiency standards”. Interim regulations for the Future Homes Standard will be introduced from 2020. The consultation will shape building regulations that will come into by the end of 2020.

The Government has proposed that every new home should “typically have triple glazing and standards for walls, floors and roofs that significantly limit any heat loss”. Additional carbon-saving methods could also be delivered through heat pumps, heat networks and direct electric heating.

The FHS form the policy proposals for Part L and Part F of Building Regulations and include measures that would result in emissions reductions of between 20 and 31% for new build homes, but the Government prefers the more ambitious of the two targets.

The current consultation is open until 10 January 2020.

Webinar:  Networking – Cultivating Influence and building external networks  (Closed client session)

Webinar: Networking – Cultivating Influence and building external networks (Closed client session)

Networking is a very valuable, but often hated activity that many people claim to have limited confidence in. 

This session will aim to take the pain out of networking, helping attendees understand how to map their existing network, how to identify individuals they want to build stronger relationships with, both in supply chain and those organisationsyour employer does not have a relationship with yet, and how to more easily build and maintain these relationships for increased personal effectiveness and for greater collaboration on projects.

 Representatives from relevant networks (e.g. UKWIR, WIN/Wet Networks) will be attending so this will be a great opportunity to strengthen your own networks and learn about what these groups are currently focusing on.

 Is this for me?  This session is for anyone looking to better understand how to network effectively and identify and connect with existing and new stakeholders and collaborators for successful initiatives and personal development