With you on the Journey

moving in the right direction


With you on the Journey

moving in the right direction

we offer innovation partnering and resources

CREATING  REAL  solutions

We work with you to consider the functional and operational impact of introducing new propositions and business transformation.

Our approach is practical and applied. Our teams compliment your own and work alongside to deliver new solutions and results. 

We understand how to 'make it happen', and planning for incremental and disruptive change.  We will help you consider best approach and support you on the journey.


Our team help YOU lead business change, drive core business objectives and explore new opportunities. 

Whether seeking efficiencies or developing a new opportunity; we aspire to +ADD genuine value. 

We always seek to understand your business and the motivations of those leading strategic change and growth.  All our works are delivered in context and consider relevance to your forward vision and strategy. 

We are practised in building and evidencing businesses cases and demonstrating potential.

Developing your capacity

We are focussed on embedding skills in YOUR organisation and supporting the journey to develop a truly agile innovation culture.

We will work flexibly, adapt our approach, tailor our methods and work at your pace.   In practical terms, we support executive management by carefully selecting individuals or small teams that will best work with YOUR people. 

Most importantly, like you, we are focussed on results and realising the impact or opportunity. 

Our specialist teams work alongside your internal community and supply chain

  • We provide objectivity and a ‘solution neutral’ approach to defining challenges and needs

  • We work to better define of challenges and needs

  • We use contemporary and proven methods to de-risk experimentation, co-design, prototyping and validation of solutions

  • We enable collaborative business case & delivery model developments and facilitate co-investment

  • We support culture initiatives and innovation champion communities

  • We develop related skills and capacity in your work force

  • We introduce contemporary innovation systems and processes


+ADD strategy

+ADD strategy

It’s only natural to us...  focussing on commercial drivers,

and practicalities of making things happen…


Many of our clients are progressing some form of transformation programme; often seeking to enable proactive process rationalisation and cost reduction, to improve the bottom line and enhance offerings simultaneously.

We offer support for specific aspects of transformation process working alongside internal teams. In practical terms this typically involves supporting cross departmental engagement, aspects of innovative culture, and actively progressing response to hard problems and difficult challenges.

Through building close relations with our clients we are sometimes privileged to work ongoing and informally to solve problems, search for new technologies, partners and opportunities as part of our client's innovation community.


Excellence is a consistent, high quality interactive and value rich experience at every touch-point.  It is supported by excellent operational processes and engrained in culture and perceptible attitude of your teams in every department.

Of course, success begins and ends with your people and processes. Our lead consultancy team includes a Times author and MBA lecturer in Excellence, and we have worked with clients to create a strategic approach and clear roadmaps to robust, repeatable and sustainable excellent service. 


+ADD innovation

+ADD innovation

We help with bringing form and function to your ambitions

for transformation and growth... 


Many feel a systematic approach to innovation is difficult,  yet our team consultants understand how process can be applied to achieve innovation objectives. We focus on establishing a clearly defined, responsive and agile innovation cycle offering your people a clear front end process.  Our approach is recognises you have likely invested in historical systems and collaboratively introduces contemporary processes methods and tools best suited to your culture and situation.

+ADD Road-mapping is a powerful technique we use to help you build forward confidence and on-board different teams in your organisation.  Our road-mapping process provides a practical interface between innovation strategy, specific technology and innovation initiatives and tactical management providing clarity and alignment at all levels, organisation-wide and beyond.


The vast majority of business knowledge is with your people and trapped in tacit form, not best used to support transformation or opportunity discovery and development.  New knowledge flows in constantly too, through processes and routines.

At +ADD we understand that through the application and use of this tacit and new knowledge, innovation can be enhanced in the organisation.  At +ADD we have specialists to understand how to discover knowledge, combine it to best effect.  We are ubiquitous to solutions and suppliers and can advise on how to apply knowledge management techniques and processes to optimise knowledge creation, acquisition, capturing, assembling, sharing, integration, leverage and exploitation in the context of delivering your innovation strategy. 



Innovation systems are only effective if a clear innovation strategy in adopted and process have been mapped in principle.  We offer advise and support in installation, adoption and on-boarding, and even pilot campaign planning in the context of open innovation. 

Following process mapping and development of priorities, systems are specified and introduced:  Here are some examples of systems we have used:

  • Market informatics and gateways

  • Customer profiling

  • Trend monitoring

  • Data visualisation and expression

  • Innovation pipeline dashboards

  • Open innovation and competition forums

  • Culture gamification tools

  • Ideas management systems (Front end)

  • Hackathon management platforms


Every now and again an initiative arises that has the potential to be highly disruptive.  While offering undisputable potential benefits that outweigh risk; consequences of implementation could include substantial role redundancy, changes to processes, systems and even business models.

+ADD can assist by exploring and developing these initiatives offline, enabling progress to validation and affirmation without causing unnecessary organisational stress and uncertainty.

Examples of our works…

Our teams can assist you to resolve specific issues and challenges. We work in various fields to support development fresh thinking and new ideas.

For more information please see our results section