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Get involved

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(Monday 15th October to Wednesday 17th October)


Victory Way, Crossways Business Park, Dartford, DA2 6QD

This centre has a prime position on the Crossways business park. Its impressive full-height atrium overlooks the Dartford river crossing.

Over 6,500 people work here, many of them in hi-tech or specialist jobs. Crossways is part of the multi-million pound Kent Thameside development project which is attracting a large number of sectors including knowledge-based industries, construction and property, engineering and manufacturing.

To register your interest in attending please simply click the link at the bottom of this page.


Should I attend?

As always with our events, these are sponsored and participation is free of charge.  You can participate from 1-3 days dependent on your availability.

Day 1: Unpacking the challenge and future service vision

Day 2: Exploring key themes for integrated future service and personal data implications

Day 3: Developing prototype policies and stakeholder validation

There are free opportunities to both present, exhibit and demonstrate new technologies, novel development and to engage with a significant community of stakeholders from South East Water and other agencies.

The event will be attended by a wide range of South East Water staff including legal, marketing and communications, meter services, billing services, customer service teams, network operations, business intelligence. Senior representatives and management will be participating.

The event is open to all organisation who consider they can support the challenge.  This includes for example; 

  • Local authorities

  • Consumer representatives

  • Sensor system vendors

  • Smart meter vendors

  • Intelligence solution vendors

  • Smart meter testbed stakeholders

  • New service partners

  • Academics and researchers

  • Service design stakeholders

Register to attend

To register your interest in getting involved simply click here:

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Considering the impact of GDPR

Considering the impact of GDPR


A new era in consumer intelligence brings

both opportunity and challenges…

South East Water is examining potential for smart meters and intelligent networks to enhance services. As part of the initiative the team are considering service futures and the impact of new network and customer supply intelligence on the nature and governance of their business.

A critical part of this journey is understanding the nature of future services and implications of GDPR and broader personal data regulation in realisation, partnering and policy.

Join South East Water in exploring data management futures and the use of smart meter and broader network intelligence…

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Developing future services together

Future services &

personal data

Developing future services together

Future services &

personal data

Key questions being asked

South East Water believes metering is a fairer way for customers to pay for their water as they only pay for what they use. Installing smarter water meters is also an important way to safeguard water supplies for the long term future. Customers who have a water meter fitted use less water and offering intelligence on usage could help customers reduce their water consumption and in turn their water bills.

South East Water understands some customers may be worried about the change to a smart water meter and the impact it could have on their water bill, as well as how their data will be used.

Beyond this new operational network intelligence is being developed. Integration and use of this data alongside metering data could potentially create new insight leading to better service, efficiency and reduced costs.

At the design sprint we will ask a range of questions including:

  • Do we have a shared understanding of the impact of smart metering and enhanced network intelligence?

  • Can we define associated long term service vision?

  • Can we establish a clear short term service profile?

  • What roles do different partners and vendors consider they will play?

  • What are the implications for data management and governance?

  • How do we effectively interpret GDPR and broader personal data regulations in this context?

  • Can we establish and test principal interpretations and ‘future proof’ policy?

  • How do we best communicate these changes to our customers?

Event outcomes

Our goal is to work with the community of interested parties to establish common understanding and build a practical and digestible policy framework that enables current and near future service developments. It is essential the process creates policy that enables creative approaches to meeting current and emergent customer demands safely and securely and without infringing on personal rights.

The +ADD strategy team will work with the event community to form a clear picture and short and medium term service and operational impacts, and work to create policy framework and associated communications that best enable future service developments and new benefits to customers.