+ADD Focus

creating focus

and pace


+ADD Focus

creating focus

and pace

What we deliver...

+ADD Strategy is unique, a community of expert practitioners with an innate passion for agile and design led innovation.

Our team works with you to helping deliver innovation and transformation in your organisation.

Far beyond bringing a different approach to problem solving and generating fresh thinking, our work sees us working with you to maintain focus, realise opportunities, transformation and build capacity within your organisation and supply chain.

Our work is supported by a growing national and international community of specialists, high energy enterprise and a host of sponsor organisations who also believe in innovation partnering, co-design and collaborative working.


+ADD creativity

+ADD creativity

Some may have natural tendencies, but we can all be creative…

Creative thinking is the process which some of our associate team use to conceive new ideas. It is the merging of ideas which have not been coalesced before.

This creative thinking process can be accidental or deliberate.  We use a range of proven techniques to stimulate fresh thinking and abductive leaps and reasoning.

Our capability to enable YOUR creativity is core to our offering.  +ADD's unique approach is tailored to every situation. 

Whether seeking to radically reduce energy costs in a process or develop a new proposition for your customers; we work to understand your team and the mission, picking skills, capabilities and method which best suits.



+ADD Sandpits

Defining challenges and discovering opportunity...

Our sandpits offer a great way to engage.  Our sandpits are particularly effective in promoting an interdisciplinary and engaging approach to both unpacking complex problems and creating focus. 

Sandpits are ideal in situations where you have identified a shortfall in expertise within your business or organisation.  The approach stimulates enables new thinking on what the challenge or opportunity actually is .  

If you a few hours, and a 'hard problem' to explore get in touch.


+ADD ideaLAB’s

Energising ‘communities of action’…

Our ideaLAB method has a reputation for kickstarting innovation agenda’s and engaging communities and stakeholders in early stage challenge definition and opportunity framing

Better still, by engaging with key audiances you establish endorsement and buy in by default, reducing barriers to change and better enabling co-investment and resourcing.

We can enable imaginative conversations with customers, suppliers and stakeholders building an common understanding of challenges and opportunity, priority barriers to change, a common language and critical momentum.

The process can take a days and can be delivered in a wide range of scenario’s with large audiances.


+ADD design

+ADD design

We are big fans of design led thinking,

applying the designers toolbox to problems and challenges…


+ADD Design Sprints


At +ADD we offer a range of Design Sprint formats.  Our processes offer structured, time-boxed approaches to solving a problem and building new propositions. The method incorporates theory and practices from story centered design, lean user research, design thinking and rapid software prototyping. We regularly conduct Design Sprints on wide ranging topics:


Why use design sprints?

The process offers a wide range of benefits cost effectively and with early results.

We can apply different methods dependent on your specific problem or opportunity.  Our specialists use a wide range of proven and experimental tools (The arena is constantly evolving).

Firstly the process avoids investment in the wrong direction and going around in circles.  Our process ensures you gain traction from all stakeholders before moving forward at each stage.

Sprints are pragmatic and generate results without perfect knowledge.  This approach is intensive and stimulates abductive reasoning and creative leaps.

Ideas are formed around customer persona's or users.  Decisions are made and ideas developed in real time.  Risk is mitigated through concept and prototype validation.  End results often go way beyond client expectations and impact broader agenda's.


+ADD Hacks (Hackathons)

An exciting and intensive way to solve problems and create novel concepts with everything digital.  The time limit in a hackathon forces participants to distil their visionary concepts down to actionable solutions.

Whether you are drowning in data but have no insight or you want to design a new digital customer experience, hacks are an exciting and engaging way to accelerate your path to success. 

Hackathons are proving grounds for new ideas. They’re especially good tools to stimulate the creative and problem-solving juices of developers. Unlike their day jobs where risk-taking may be frowned upon, in a hackathon there is a low cost of failure.  

On occasion and where it adds value we also provide sprint hack fusion project.  The approach can provide substantial cross fertilisation between two quite different communities. Watch this video to discover more:


An Interactive Heat Map combining Location and Incident data to bring Intelligent Insight to events across their service area

Nebula Labs won a hack sponsored by Northumbrian Water Group, creating a proof-of-concept interactive heat map.

The map intelligently combines static location and asset data with live real-time incident event data on an interactive visual which identifies the relationship between different types of events - such as water quality complaints and roadworks.

The winning submission provides the ability to go back in time using a time series slider, and see how incidents / events interact at different locations on the map over time. See a winner case study here