The Sensor futures …‘Daily Dash’

The event went well with presentations from Invenio, Nuron, Barter for Things, CPI and others.

Over 20 ideas created and 9 detailed concepts developed ranging from tamper evidence devices to new forms of waste flow intelligence.

Whats next?

The day exciting day of collaborative opportunity exploration and discovery helped define and prioritise opportunities, build consortia and establish initiative concepts in the Water utilities sector with associates and participation from diverse industries.

moving the challenge forward we are collaborating with SWIG - the Sensors in Water Group, and Liverpool’s John Moore University to call for papers and to deliver a business case and model development workshop.

#Get_Involved !

A bit of history and our interest in utility sensors

The +ADD team continued thier support the Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival in its 3rd year.

In the past we have delivered competitions, investment clinics, design sprints, STEAM activities and even supported recruitment for the first festival Hackathon.

At the festival we have facilitated programmes with teenagers, built award winning APP’s, facilitated sprints on small pipe leakage leading to new ‘real world’ products, explored Digital Twins, hosted investment panels and more.

Realising opportunities

The +ADD team ran a sprint on reducing leakage in 2017 has now been developed and is in trial with NWG other water companies.

Invenio is now a formal client of +ADD and we support innovation project development, fund raising and commrcial business planning. The business was recently acquired after a successful trading period and development of the new IP portfolio by HWM Group. A major playor in the UK sensor and infrastructure intelligence market.

The water industry is transforming with visibility of networks and operations having impacts across the industry. From field operations to improving efficiency and water quality management, sensor deployments are on the rise.

There are a number of applications where despite demand for change and fresh thinking, new practical devices are not forthcoming. Market growth is constrained by high maintenance, high cost and delicate nature of some offers in the marketplace. There are other undiscovered applications of sensors technologies that could be developed from other industries and domains.