+ADD Strategy works as an innovation partner with large and complex organisations to accelerate innovation, supporting change and transformation.

Building on our reputation

The team has built a reputation for securing funding for innovative initiatives from diverse and non traditional sources. To build on this capacity the business is investing in development of a new offer.

The +ADD funding service will provide assistance to clients and supply chain consortia nationally seeking to secure funding and sponsorship for innovation projects.

Paul Sutherland of +ADD said,

‘As part of our works we get to engage with some exciting businesses and participate in co-creation of new concepts and developments. Not all, but some include leading edge and emerging research and technology developments. Our focus is in de-risking faster progress and early adoption for both our corporate partners and supply chain’.

Introducing new expertise

Tony brings a strong track record in securing grant funding and sponsorship. He also has a depth of experience in providing project delivery to the government agency InnovateUK. As well as succeeding in over 50 bids, previous work includes delivery of due diligence for a successful raises from £250k to £6m for a collaborative Research & Development project.

Tony Brown, the new lead for +ADD Funding said,

tony brownbwsq.png

‘My ambition for the new unit is to reduce risk, enable commitment, and leverage best value for all parties.

Our focus is in supporting consortia funding for new initiatives involving pre-market and emergent concepts.’

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to establish a preliminary conversation, please contact tony@addstrategy.co.uk or call 0203 868 6356