Mammoth have made a name for themselves in the UK mattress sector.  As part of their ambitious plans for growth the company are developing a new collaboration with one of the most reputable names in soft furnishings.  Furnico are a well-established market leader in UK based sofa and chair manufacture service a host of international brands.  This project will see the organisations collaborating to establish a new range of designs and the enable the transfer of Mammoths identity from one category into another (not a simple design challenge). 

The goal:  The Mammoth brand has built a reputation for contemporary design and use of materials technology in Mattresses.  The brands products typically sit in the ‘affordable luxury’ space.

Mammoth’s brand focusses on the science of personal comfort, and the intent is to create new products which offer enhanced features and improved personal comfort benefits.  The priority is design signature development for the range and translation of the ‘MAMMOTH look’ into the new sofa and chair range.

Technically there will be a focus on design-to-supply, including elements such as the handset / electromechanical assembly / fabrics / foams and a digital components.

Intended outcome:  The design sprint offers an opportunity to meet and work with a wide range of expertise from design, manufacturing, research and technology agencies.  Over the 3 onsite days participants will be given open access to resources, operational insight and supply chain knowhow.  We have worked hard to ensure a mix of designers, agencies and companies participating.

Our goal is to explore and design early stage concepts.  The sprint team will then work to select designs and understand how participants can assist in realising the product concepts moving forward. 

Why participate:  All of our design and innovation sprints at Mammoth have led to commercial contracts for participants.  Our last event led to contracts for three companies. 

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how you can add value to Mammoth, and work on a real world design challenge with a mixed team of designers, interior designers, materials and electronics technologists, furniture brand managers. 

At the end of the sprint we will select projects to move forward with a view to enabling support, development and commercialisation of designs.  Mammoth is prepared to invest in winning concepts and facilitate commercialisation in collaboration with partners and agencies.

Venue, dates and participation:  The event is being hosted in Newcastle up Tyne.  Further details will be provided on registration.

The design sprint will run from 6th December at 9.30 am - 4.30 pm for 3 days (Wednesday through Friday).    You can attend for a few hours to all three days depending on your commitments and interest. 

Participating is free.  Simply CLICK HERE TO REGISTER your intent to participate and we will send you further details.