+ADD is delighted to be partnering in this event alongside global innovation brands such as SPIGIT, and major corporate innovation speakers from BMW, VOLVO, MasterCard, VISA, VESTAS Wind, BAYER, Thomas Cook, THALES and others.



The hub is a strategic summit centred on how digital and innovation leaders make sense of all the digital hype, implement the right solutions to achieve their innovation objectives and business goals.

Innovation in the digital economy is critical to the survival of any organisation but in particular for the large corporates.

The future business landscape will be formed of those who have driven innovation deep within the fabric of the organisation and created value as well as new business lines.

  • Are you the leader pushing the boundaries and disrupting century old business models
  • Do you find yourself hitting brick walls when it comes to scale?   
  • Do you find change is painfully slow?

Take part in the hub to address these challenges and learn how to maximise the opportunities presented by the digital technologies.