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Investment of up to £1.1m in exploratory studies into the design of technology-based products and…

Paul Sutherland FCIM’s insight:

A great TSB roadshow at Northern Design Centre today.  Interesting to hear about the new Technology Strategy Board competition and the opportunity for teaching technologies to secure upto £80,000 in funding.  A excellent heart felt talk by Jeremiah Alexander of ideonic sharing thoughts on digital enterprise failure.

It did make us think though …this was one of 9 nationwide roadshow events promoting the competition and its very heavily promoted (just type ‘design for impact’ into Google!).

Likely 100’s of collaborative groups of companies and organisations will pour 1000’s of man hours into completing the application process….according to the speaker the target is to fund only 8 to 15 projects.  The likelihood of success seems to be low.  Is it worth applying….what do you think?


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