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Do regional awareness campaigns offer value and results  ….remembering  'Passionate People, Passionate Places’

Paul Sutherland FCIM’s insight:

While there are of course mixed views on the value and contribution or the Regional Development Agencies, ONE thing is certain…There was significant investment in promoting the Regional identity.

Seeing poorly written articles, strategic transport maps being negating to profile our regions cities and heated debate as to ‘if or why’ the North East is being sidelined and misunderstood…I have added this topic to raise a question, a debate, and I am very keen to hear your views.  

As a campaign, 'Passionate People, Passionate Places’ gained recognition far and wide and is still present on many regional business websites and media today long after the scale campaign ceased.  The North East England campaign led by the Regional Development Agency One North East, worked to position us internationally as a great place to do business, invest, visit, live, work and study.

The brand and assets were purchased in 2012 by by Newcastle Gateshead Initiative for £2500! and is still used in some media.

I would like to ask….

Do you think the campaign message and brand is still relevant or do you feel it needs to be re-imagined?

Do we actually need to invest more in regional identity and such campaigns?  Is there worth in 'regional brand’ investment to improve engagement, awareness and understanding of the North East?

While the LEP policy is clearly delivering….in your opinion are our two Regional LEP’s sufficiently cohesive on regional 'promotion’?